Olga Ageeva – Ольга Агеева

Russian photographer Olga Ageeva is 43 years old. She is mother of three children. By education she is an economist, but photography has been her hobby for quite a long time. Olga started taking photos since she was still learning at school. She photographed her classmates and printed photos by herself.
After school she had a really long brake in photography.

Olga never thought she would become a photographer.  It was more on a special occasion, she took back her camera, so photography came back into her life in 2012. It still is only a hobby but since that time Olga has been doing this full time, it seems that it will be till the end of time.

Olga love to take photos of people, especially children,  hers or friends’ ones. And she really don’t do commercial photographs.

When you ask how to describe her style she says it’s not that easy to describe. She can be inspired by various things, sometimes only by a different mood, so the pictures can differ a lot.  And if there’s any style in them, it’s only the depiction of her emotions and her imagination.

Sometimes Olga don’t think at all before pressing the shutter release …  but also sometimes a jigsaw comes to my head, containing light, emotions, gestures, geometry she has to collect, and that’s what she calls “the moment”.

Olga uses a Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera and Nikon F80, mostly with wide-angle, and 50mm lenses.

Olga prefers shooting with ‘natural light, and don’t use that much post-processing. She is more into creating something during the shoot.

When you ask Olga what advice she would give to young photographers she says: “take photos whenever and wherever you are, try hard to grow as long as possible”

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