Andy Prokh

For Russian photographer Andy Prokh, love looks like the relationship between his daughter and a cat, hence his creative efforts to capture and immortalize that relationship – © Andy Prokh

Prokh began photographing his daughter Katherine and his cat (known simply as Cat, so they are Kat and Cat) when his daughter was born.

The photographing of his daughter Katherine and his cat results in a series of elegantly simple photos capturing tender moments between Kat and Cat

Through Prokh’s lens, a mundane, everyday scene becomes an exploration of the language between children and animals.

Prokh’s  daughter Katherine, now four, still lives suspended in a world of primal reason, not yet governed by the absurd rules of adult society.

His daughter Katherine can still communicate with Cat in his own wild words, and their understanding is present in Prokh’s images.

Prokh plans to continue photographing the girl and the cat, and it will be interesting to watch how their relationship changes as Katherine grows up and Cat grows old. What will it be like for Katherine as she steps to the threshold of her future while Cat succumbs to old age and eventually passes away?

In a way, Cat is Prokh, communicating in a special language with his daughter. One day she’ll learn new words and new worlds, perhaps leaving her father behind as she takes off on her own wings.

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