Séverine Lenhard

Séverine Lenhard was born in Toulouse on 22 February 1975. Séverine cannot remember her first steps in photography. At a very young age she used to take her mother’s camera to go hunting for shots and collecting pictures. As a teenager she joined the ”SNCF’s (French Rail Network) photo club”, thanks to her dad who was working on trains, where she would mix with adults who came to find some distraction from their professional life.

It is as a teenager, joining the ”SNCF’s photo club”, Séverine learned the basics, discovered the joys of the darkroom and the magic that light makes appear on photographic paper. From that moment on, she kept going on with even more intensity.

During her high school, Séverine Lenhard would go to Indie Rock concerts with her camera around her neck. For 10 years she shot photos at concerts and attended classes in a Fine Arts school whilst studying history and geography at university to eventually take up a career as a school archivist.

Due to the digital revolution and the obligations of her job, Séverine Lenhard  left her camera for a while left aside and seldom taken out despite the passion waiting to be awakened. Until the birth of her first child, and very soon of her second one. The mother, as any other mom whose children’s every move, look or improvement never ceases to fascinate, couldn’t resist the impulse of her photographer’s eye.

Séverine Lenhard began to build the memory of a childhood by questioning over and over again the daily life of her little family. Through a few local exhibitions, artists-friends commissioning her art, a visibility stretching to social networks, Séverine Lenhard’s work is slowly gaining a faithful audience who are being charmed by her original look at childhood.

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