Katarína Grajcaríkova

Katarína Grajcaríkova was born in 1981 spending whole life in Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Slovakia.

Katarina made her first photos when she was 14 as a photographer of her family. She started with analogue and later she had been using digital camera. 5 years ago her husband gave her DSLR Nikon.  Now there is a Fujifilm. Everything she knows she learned herself and by taking tons of pictures. Doing so she used technical knowledge from school and also knowledge of human body and anatomy which is her favourite photo field.

Her work is represented by art portraits, conceptual photography  and nude photos. She perceives human body as art itself and each human being as an original, therefore she deals with each person individually and with respect. Each photograph represents her own understanding of the scene. She is a positive person, however, her photographs are dramatic and dark very often. They are full of fear, respect, despair and darkness – this all comes from her interest in other people`s lives because she is attracted to their destinies, sorrows and sufferings. This is quite the opposite of how she is viewed by people who know her.

Katarina creates a friendly atmosphere when communicating with models. This way she gives emotions to her photographs which arise from talking to them and knowing them better. Or she uses them only as actors for her concepts. Also her two kids are very often part of the photographs. They are actors with roles discussed beforehand. They like her fantasies, they trust her, it is a game for them and they always like the results. As they often say: “Mum`s photos are interesting and therefore we like it more than photos in Santa Clause and princess costumes.”

Katarina Fiona Grajcaríková is a portrait photographer. It is exclusively devoted to people. Capturing the beauty of people, emotions and their lives written on their faces. In the Slovak photographic scene, she has established herself with creative treatment of non-traditional motifs and has successfully published her photographs for several years.

Who is Katarina Fiona Grajcaríková? Essentially a plain woman, wife and mother of 2 children, a girl of 8 and a boy of 13. She also is a photographer whose hobby has grown into an expression instrument. So Katarina only takes photos for some years, and she finds it very intense. So, on the one hand, she is an amateur as well as a professional as she is doing it as a job.

When you ask Katarina what brought her to the photography, Katarina says she was quite an introvert and very incertain at an age. Photography showed her another world. To see things differently and not to show them. Photography gave her confidence and courage.

Katarina produces an incredible amount of quality photos. It has taken her so deep. But the beginning was difficult. Happy mother, happy family. She and her husband found a compromise and therefore she have the space to take photos as much as possible.

Katarina is a portrait photographer and especially trying to capture more than just portraits, she tries to do with her models feelings and with the feeling of the photographer, she is very receptive and talks much to the people she is shooting. She gets “under the skin” and that’s all about it. This will create a friendship. Because they trust her. Making a good portrait is not just a technique of photography, it is also psychology. There is a difference between nice and good photography.

Her “Original and Extraordinary” series has been a great success, as well as her portraits or nightlife. Katarina sometimes considers the project theme and finally none of it is, and sometimes I think in a second, and I can handle it immediately. It’s such intuition. The “original and extraordinary” project has also spontaneously attacked her even though Iseh have been considering how to do something like that, but it was minutes from a minute. She posted on facebook looking for people who could talk and it worked. Then it was gone.

Since her husband is not a fan of photography, his praise is her greatest awards. On the contrary, her youngest daughter (8) likes everything.  Katarina finds that very nice. Her son (13) is quite neutral about her photography.

Katarina is stubborn and perhaps my stubbornness helps her to meet the set goals. But on the other hand, she have an open mind and let herself be consulted. Some time ago she got advice from a respected photographer. To learn and learn from the giants of photography, not just as tutorials as retouching, but to look for the essence of the photo what it was once. So that’s Katarina‘s advice for beginners.

Katarina has her own studio and photography is a fulltime job for her. She likes to surprise or even shock people therefore she publishes her work at photography websites where she gets full feedback – positive as well as negative.

Nowadays she has been working on a project which should result into her first exhibition. And she has been intensely involved in documentary photography.

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