Katarzyna Lechowska

Katarzyna Lechowska is an amateur photographer from Poland. she never studied photography. She says she’s just a woman with a camera 🙂

Being documented on a detail in it’s honest form.

Being in practice with shooting child photography, this all gives Katarzyna Lechowska the greatest gift, to grow her own vision. That all is what you see when you look at photos of Katarzyna Lechowska.

When you look at photos of Katarzyna you look at life with a new pair of eyes. We see memorable photos which show the world as no one see it.

Even as a little girl Katarzyna Lechowska loved to document, collected things, saved memories. That need for documentation has become more powerful when she gave birth to her sons and most important tool for documenting our reality became her camera

Katarzyna Lechowska is a girl with a kind of less or more, and for sure she says she‘s ignorant about technology -)) She does not use much digital manipulation. For her photography is feeling and it’s more about submission to the moment.

Most of all her images Katarzyna takes simply through observation. Not one she’ve seen the moment, let’s call it decisive moment or just THIS moment in her opinion worthy capturing and she didn’t do, because she thought the same may be repeated for sure. But it’s not happening.

So the camera is always close to her and when she sees the moment she just tries to capture the best she can.

There are a few of her images that somehow she planned. Katarzyna Lechowska’s photography has become a visual document,  diary of childhood of her boys and their life : ‘Reflections of life’

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