Marta Szyszka

Marta Szyszka is a mother of 2 children who is in love with photography. After the birth of 2 daughters, she realized that their childhood would soon end and photography came naturally, as a documentary of their lives.  Marta wanted to keep the melancholy of her first daughter’s and she wanted to capture all happiness of her second daughter. Marta realized a year ago she wanted to be a photographer, after she realized that shooting pictures isn’t the same as taking a picture, a well thought-out, sometimes planned, sometimes stolen when the children don’t realise she is present, or when they are trying to escape from the lens.

Central aspect-to of her  work is to catch real life, childhood, happiness of childhood, natural moments; her models are her children, children in the neighbourhood, family children, friends children.

Marta is constantly looking for her style, she likes an unobvious perspective, an unobvious subject, she looks for peace in her life and also likes it on photographs, she likes to take pictures in the natural environment, but also to take pictures in places she encounters by chance which inspire her e. g. an abandoned house, …  Marta likes darkness in pictures.

Before her finger touch the shutter release, she thinks of  what she want to show you, what kind of feelings a photo evokes.

Marta prefers shooting with natural light, most of the time in B&W, because she likes simplicity, clean frame, minimalism, legibility,  … with colour she finds that the attention is often dispersed… Marta loved pictures of her first daughter in B&W. But with her second daughter she tries to keep colors because she is very cheerful person, she laughs all the time, she talks too much, she is a „thousand of colours” like a rainbow :).

Marta would like to take pictures even more consciously, she would like to find the style characteristic for herself, so she intend to study photography in order to find the right way for her photography.

Marta uses a Nikon d750, Nikkor 85mm 1.8 and Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 . She tries to keep her photos natural, but uses only a little bit post-production (only LR)

When I ask Marta which are her favorite photographers, what attract and inspires her the most, she has a very motivated answer – Vivian Maier for her natural photos, humility and curiosity of ordinary everyday life – Magdalena Berny, her first teacher, she adores her portraits – Timothy Archibald for courageous – Kate Parker for the beauty of ordinary life – Ewa Cwikla, Joanna Rogala and Mariola Glajcar for great imagination – and a lot more like Jasmine Keath, Alan Laboile, Agata Serge…

And for ending Marta wants to give an advice to young photographers: “be curious, creative, observe the works of famous photographers, … all this can lead to better photography”

Marta thanks you for noticing her view of the world!

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