Vladimir Serov

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Serov is a photographer / illustrator based in Moscow, Russia. In 2008 he graduated from the Nizhniy Tagil State Social Pedagogical Academy’s Arts department with a degree in Applied and Decorative Arts.

Vladimir Serov graduated in 2010 from Moscow’s Higher Academic School of Graphic Design. If you’re into portrait photography, his work is a must!

For Vladimir Serov Stock photography was a great experience and he learned a lot of technical things.

Standing still isn’t the best idea, so Vladimir Serov wanted to take a new steps and create a serious and interesting project, something new in its scale in comparison with his previous works: two art books.

‘The Book of Light and Dark’ would be a series of photographs with one specific concept – to observe the metaphysical process between light and dark, a sublime co-existence.

The subject of Vladimir Serov photography is to examine the human inner world. People of different ages as the photographer’s research subject and to create a unique atmosphere and space.

Vladimir Serov is passionate about mixed styles: a combination of such genres as staged photography, reportage, portrait and still life.

Vladimir tried to collect money for his project ‘The Book of Light and Dark’. But after some time the funding goal was not reached so Vladimir decided to close his project.

Vladimir still makes very beautiful photography as freelance photographer and contributor for Blend Images

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