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This site is for all who love Fine Arts Child Photography. We present photographers of past century as well as coming contemporary photographers who  aims to reach the heart of their subjects. Color as well as Black&White photographs capture children in the fullness of their beauty, individuality, and dignity.

Few photographers of any time or place have matched these photographers steadiness of simple eyesight, serene technical brilliance, and the clearly communicated eloquence they derive from their subjects, human and otherwise – subjects observed with an ardor that is all but indistinguishable from love.

When you look at those child photos for the first time, many associations come to mind. Arising on the blurry line between amateur and professional photographer in their photographic style that is like nothing else. It is from the strangeness that the work of those photographers seduces as much as it fascinates. It reaches both our heart and our mind as it addresses many aspects of our view on the world; an idealized world, a paradise lost, that of a carefree childhood, though a fake carefreeness of which these images still give us the illusion. The ‘free children’ on the photos are the poetic embodiment of the mystery of childhood that so many photographers have sought to break through. In these unlikely images, we finally have the feeling of approaching, of grasping the secret of the forever lost childhood. Yet these children are not beyond this world; they go to school, they surf on their tabiets, they learn good manners… they are right next door! We admire them as much as we envy them, we lose ourselves in the spirit of this place conveyed so powerfully by those photographers in their images.

Focus lies on Photographers who make real art: photos in natural surroundings, B&W Photos, Real Life Photography, Photo’s with special composition as well those who creates photos with artistic special effects.