Fifi Bristoche

Fifi Bristoche was born in Kyiv (Ukraine) at the period it was part of the Soviet Union. She studied in the school of Fine arts and after that she went to the faculty of sculpture of the Academy of Arts. Photography rather began as an amusement. Her father always had his photocamera on him. The most magical element of my childhood consisted of a darkroom and a picture appearing on a scrap of paper.

In her job, Fifi Bristoche does not quite try to observe, rather then to collaborate with « little men ».

By accomplishing with the children drawings or theatre staging, disguise costumes, they exchange emotions, ideas, they create a particular atmosphere, odd or thoughtful situations. The purpose for Fifi is not to fix an moment but to tell it.

For Fifi, photography is a game without rules, a never ending story. Her pictures are illustrations of life.

Fifi reflects through the objective and with every single photo she reveals an tiny part of who she is.

In this game Fifi would like to show that the life of these « little beings » is not limited to smiling. There is sometimes reflections, sadness, or real problems which embarrass them.

The little ones learns Fifi to re-visit her own childhood, even if hers differs very much from theirs; to change herself and to evolve across these children’s lives.

Fifi likes very much the work of Julia Blackmon for its surrealist pictures, Sally Mann for its old looking children’s portraits, finally Jock Sturges for its purity.