Frederikke Brostrup

Frederikke Brostrup was born in the countryside in the west of Denmark, … raised with 1 brother and 1 sister. Today she is 48 years old and lives in Copenhagen with her husband and her 18 years old child.

Frederikke studied drama when she was young, later she became a social worker – working with small children between 0-6 years. In the work with children she did a lot of documentary work – to show the processes they were in during their creativity and relationships.

Photography became more and more important to her over years – and especially to tell stories of children’s life. Childhood has always been very important to Frederikke …. She had difficulty to let go her own childhood – actually she played with dolls until she was 15 years old.

So in 2007 Frederikke quit her job as social worker and did the most brave thing ever – she decided to live as a fulltime photographer.

The central aspect of Frederikke’s work is again ‘Childhood’. Childhood as a feeling and as a being. The feelings being a child … in a family, between siblings, in play, in anger, in fun, in joy, in frustration, in needs…. Her own child is now grown up – so mostly is Frederikke is actually hired to come to a family to do a family documentary session for hours in their home.

Frederikke Brostrup gives herself some assignments – where she find families, she can use for own projects … for education, exhibitions or just practicing light … emotions and things like that.

Frederikke’s style is very timeless – She is striving to clean up the frame-story … so that the emotion, the poetry can stand for itself.

Frederikke Brostrup loves working b/w – because she finds the soul is more pure. And this is very important to her, not only to show happy faces … a human being is so many others feelings than just joy …

Frederikke does love joy – but she also loves sadness, concentration, anger, lonelyness, distrust … she thinks that in the life of today – children aren’t allowed to show all their feelings – and to her it is important to show the families that they love their children with all that is in them.

Frederikke’s has mostly nothing on her mind before her finger touch the shutter release … just being!  Other times she is waiting for at move, some light, a feeling…

Frederikke only uses natural light … all her work are on location … and she finds it beautiful to tell the story with the light – the truth that is is in the room.

Frederikke would love to be better with the light … and if she had to choose, Frederikke always goes for b/w: to her she sees the soul in the eyes much more clearly in b/w.

Frederikke loves the honesty in the pictures that hasn’t been made to something that wasn’t there when it was shot. So she only ‘tones’ her work in post-production.

Frederikke uses Nikon D5 –and her 35 mm most of the time. Her favourite photographer is without doubt Sally Mann’s work from the eighties with her children … this really moves her. (unfortunately Facebook does censor most of Sally Mann’s work – note from Fine Arts Child Photography)

When we ask Frederikke what advice she would give to a young photographer: … Keep on doing what you love being a photographer….and don’t ever forget that you have to be open-minded and learn for the rest of your life – the pictures that looks easy to shot … often is the most difficult.