Kurt De Meulemeester

Kurt De Meulemeester (Flanders, Belgium) was dictated to Nature Photography from the very beginning. His  father was always very passionate about nature and birds in particular. Kurt still remembers how, as a small child, he was impressed by the sharp pictures of birds with a large 600mm lens, “the bazooka” as he called it …

As a teenager Kurt got a used Minolta SLR camera and as his father went on the hunt for a unique shot of a bird. However, the range of his lenses was a bit disappointing. The upcoming of the digital revolution, the Minolta camera ended up covered with dust.

In 2010 Kurt started course in digital photography to learn the basic of (digital) photography, given by the famous Photographer Lukas Roels, specialised in photography with ‘available light photography’. The use of a flash is out of the question. “Writing with light” … it delivers very attractive, artful photography.

Inspired by the style of Lukas Roels, Kurt decided  to concentrate on taking pictures of people. With three daughters at home, this is indeed a very rewarding subject.

With the arrival of his children Kurt put the step towards a new digital SLR camera with a small arsenal of glassware. Since then, the passion for photography has only grown.

Kurt keep challenging by following new workshops and push boundaries. Practice makes perfect … “What I see and feel, I try to capture in the most natural way possible”.

Kurt De Meulemeester very much likes shooting kids and does this preferably in a playful way He rather likes that the kids are not going ‘acting’ in front of the camera but try to shoot them as they are, naturally and spontaneous.  For Kurt there is nothing more fun to come home at night after an inspiring day with raw footage and to develop the computer to a beautiful set of images.

In the year 2010 Kurt started his first course digital photography  for beginners at Syntra Ghent. The first module was focused to get used to the basics of (digital) photography. Teacher at that time was Lukas Roels (Belgium).

The focus of his photography is children- and nature photography, and he likes to combine both.

Ever since he bought his first digital reflexcamera, a Canon EOS 7D,  Kurt De Meulemeester haven’t stopped taking pictures. With 3 daughters running around in his house there is always something interesting to capture.

Martha, Gloria (twins) and Faye inspires Kurt De Meulemeester every day, day by day he captures their childhood memories. He’don’t want his kids acting for the camera but he tries to capture them spontaneously. This is done by observing them quietly while playing, without interfeering.

Kurt De Meulemeester  does all of his post processing work in Lightroom. He try to stay away from Photoshop because he don’t want to create a world that doesn’t really exist. What he want to do instead is capture the world he is living in and capture his kids discovering the magic wonders and mysteries of life.

Kurt De Meulemeester only works with available (day)light. Kurt does like to evaluate the available light and use it in a creative way.

The last couple of years Kurt De Meulemeester  attended the master classes of professional art photographer Lukas Roels (Belgium) in southern France. He found this was a great source for new inspiration, more content for his photography work and Kurt is sure it takes his photography to a higher level.

With presenting to you Kurt De Meulemeester, we hope we  can share a bit of that feeling with anyone who wants it.