Raquel Chicheri

Freelance photographer Raquel Chicheri  (°1973) is originaly coming from Galicia, in the northern of Spain. Because it was to cold and wet for her, she decided to move to Fuerteventura, an island off the coast of Africa. She loved photography since she was a kid. Her father is a great photographer and his work inspired her from the beginning. She first studied International Trade but only worked one year in that field. She decided to study graphic design which she liked better. She worked a few years in that field, but when she met her boyfriend, a professional windsurfer, she began to take pictures of him and of his trips. It is at that time that she began publishing photos in windsurfing magazines.

Raquel  realized she wanted to be a photographer when she had children and she couldn’t stop taking photos of them.

Raquel  is inspired by almost everything, kids, water, animals, street…  She don’t take pictures in a studio, she takes her camera everywhere and when she sees something that catches her attention, she shoots.

Most of her time is spend on the beach. Raquel broke already several cameras with the sand but she don’t care as long as she takes good photos.

Raquels  prefer the situation to be casual, she hopes to capture nature and the relationship of people around it.

Raquel uses a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, her favorite lens is the Canon 50mm f:1,4

The favorite photographers for Raquel Chicheri are: Cartier-Bresson, Doisneau, Sally Mann, Mccurry, Newton, Cristina Garcia Rodero, Murray Michel, Man Ray, Jock Sturges, Margaret de lange, Koudelka, Eve Arnold, Saudek… so many..