Tania Ruda

Tania Ruda’s story is a story about the photography. She’s passionate about it, She is in love with it.

Tania shoots when she lives and lives when she shoots. She is a creative perfectionist. Everything about photography should be beautiful — an idea, a composition, an emotion, light… And details which often conceal the main beauty.

Tania is a happy wife, and as a mother, she says she’s far from perfect. And she enjoy every second of her life. Here and now, in her memories and in her dreams.

Tania Ruda photographs only the things she love. Unique stories of ordinary families.

For Tania a family is made of millions of feelings, emotions and moments: big and small children’s victories, warmth and tenderness of loving parents, and some subtle knowing of what true happiness is … The taste of the moment which is much stronger than any staged and retouched beauty.

How grateful she is to her wonderful family for each fantastic day! Grateful fort he dawn haze over the lake behind the house, then the laughter of the children, who are so well together that no one needs them anymore, so greatful when they can spend a day visiting Ani and Dima in an absolutely relaxed atmosphere.

The story of true love and constant support from Tania’s friends and family – so deep and touching that Tania sometimes has to hide the tears behind the viewfinder of her camera.